I Am Here

6 Postures of Prayer

I’m sorry.  I’m not an apologist. This book is not meant to convince you that the body has a role to play in our spirituality.  It is an invitation to explore the many ways we posture ourselves - physically, mentally, metaphorically - to God.

"This is a great book.  I love it (more than I thought I would).  As people of the Incarnation, we are (somewhat ironically) weird about our bodies. In these pages, Falk invites us back into them - a true gift to consider."

 Rev. Jodi Houge, founding pastor of Humble Walk Lutheran Church, St Paul, MN 

"Kalyn’s spirituality is integrated and her invitation gently challenging. Kudos all around!”

 Sister Mary Coswin, OSB, St. Benedict’s Monastery

​“With wit, wisdom and refreshing candor, Kalyn Falk woos and instructs the reader with simple, practical ways to do what may be the most important work for the modern western person - the reintegration of the whole person, so as to know oneself intimately as created, embodied and cherished."

 Steve Bell, Juno award-winning singer/songwriter

“This dancing mystic Mennonite got game.”

 Richard Bruxvoort Colligan MA, Curator, PsalmImmersion.com Publishing


“This book is a great companion on the journey of healing or simply reclaiming an integrated view of our bodies. Scripture, stories, poetry, life experiences and bodily practice are all beautifully woven together for us here to peruse, experiment with and walk around in.”

 Rev. Asher O’Callaghan

 "I Am Here is a lovely, tender and true read, an essential call for our church and our society to return to embodiment.”
Ellie Roscher, author of “How Coffee Saved my Life”

"A wise and sassy guide, Kalyn brings us to profound reflection and awareness of our body, interwoven connections with the complexity of living, and evokes a desire to passionately engage with the beauty and messiness of life."

 Pegge Erkeneff, Editor, Listen (Spiritual Directors International)